You have an opt-in that needs connecting to your systems and delivering to your subscribers without a hitch.

You are about to go into a launch and need to set up a funnel or content strategy to bring order to the craziness of the next few weeks.

Your client on boarding process is a mess and people are slipping through the gaps so you need a system to hear more yes’s to your offerings.

If one of these scenarios sounds like what you are experiencing, then in essence you need a quick shot-in-the-arm of help to get your processes or systems set up and running like clock work.

However, you’re stalling on implementing anything because overwhelm is the devil on your shoulder right now, and it feels like everything is teetering on the edge of chaos – and one wrong move could send the house of cards tumbling down around your ears.

What you need is your fairy godmother to come in, wave her magic wand and for it all to be sorted.

That’s where I come in.

If this one thing is blocking your success because you either cannot get your head around connecting the dots in the processes, or you simply do not have the time to set this up yourself, then the Project Package is just what you need.

I work on about five projects a month to help you get your processes established to enable you to have things running like clockwork and your potential customers coming through the door like a well oiled, automated production line.

An example: Opt-in connection

Create a landing page, a ‘thank you, go confirm subscription’ page, install FB tracking pixel and set up a ‘goal’ in Google Analytics, connect your mail delivery service to the opt-in form/box, set up confirmation email, a ‘thank you for confirming’ page or opt-in delivery page. All set up with testing to make sure it all works.

Estimate: 2 hours/ £90 (appx $117 USD) – dependent on the current systems you use.

Projects can be from a simple 1 hour job of connecting the systems, or several hours of strategy and implementation.

If this package is exactly what you need, fill out the form below and I will get back to you with an estimate of how many hours I believe it will take.

Rates start at £45 per hour (appx $59 USD), time is tracked using Toggl and passwords shared via LastPass.

I intend to respond to queries within 48 hours (weekends not included).


I have spent months churning over all the things I thought I still had to do in order to be ready to make money and implement my plan and in fifteen minutes I now know exactly what I need to do, how and what with, as well as the confidence that I can do it. To me, thats invaluable!

Jacqui Barrett

The Shift Project Community

Before meeting Sarah I was completely LOST about how to connect all my CRM systems. It all seemed insurmountable to me and I knew it would take hours of my time, which I could have spent creating content for my audience, to watch YouTube DIY videos.

Sarah was a lifesaver. You will gain hours to put back into nurturing your community; get off social media rather than spending your life POSTING and connecting systems; and finally have time to enjoy life to free yourself to be the best version of YOU that you can be.


Health & Wellness Coach

I’ve been overwhelmed with trying to understand which platforms I need and connecting them together is another world of pain! Sarah had a practical and calm way of addressing my questions and really put me at ease.

Having her come on board to help me out was an immediate stress relief. Knowing she could answer my questions and confirm what I was learning immediately made me feel less alone in the process. Plus, her skill and technical expertise to connect it all has really propelled the process for me. Thank you so much Sarah!

Trish Dow

The Break Up Toolkit

Just wanted to say that Sarah is the most talented, patient, brilliant person you could possibly have on your team. She’s kindly helped us out so much with just bomb after bomb of brilliance. So many thanks!

Hire her. Genuinely fantastic and so, so helpful!!!

Tanya Marguerite Grant

Wise and Gorgeous

I was worried that if I did spend the time setting everything up on my own I would have done it incorrectly and would have wasted hours working out where I had gone wrong. Instead, after working with you, everything is working perfectly and it is such a relief.

I felt an enormous weight lift off my shoulders – I was able to focus on creating content that was actually going to bring in income instead of tech stuff that sent my blood pressure rising.

Thank you so much! You are my fairy godmother! I found you to be professional, thorough, quick, trustworthy and efficient and very easy to communicate with. I wouldn’t hesitate to use your services again and I would happily refer you to others.

Amanda Farrar

Fertility Attraction

Getting a flexible payment system set up that gives my customers options for part payments has been something I wanted to offer for some time but couldn’t figure out the best option within my limited budget. Sarah happily took on this piece of work and presented me with a few options that would work. She implemented my preferred option within hours and it was all up and running seamlessly.

Sarah was a pleasure to work with, she took time to understand my needs, figure out the best solution and implement it immediately. She was very professional and helpful throughout the process and I look forward to working with her again. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone who is reliable, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Ailis Brosnan

Your Healthy Living Coach

Sarah was kind, clearly very patient and knowledgeable in her craft. She worked quickly and professionally and even added in options that I would have never thought to ask for.

She knows her stuff and is not afraid to make suggestions that you think would be better suited for what I’m doing or trying to do.

Sarah delivered what I asked for and even gave me a better long term solution to the problem. But the kindness and patience was big for me!

Tracy Goodwin

Captivate the Room